We are an Australian business that specializes in helping small and family businesses with their IT problems. We have well over 20 years in developing database applications, providing user training for computer systems, technical writing, desktop publishing and computer support. We have worked for government, small businesses, churches and schools.

In particular, we have considerable expertise in website design and development. Our principal developer built websites for a major government department in 1996 (a first for that department), and has been working on websites ever since.

So many small business don’t have their own website because they feel it’s too expensive or too complicated. It doesn’t need to be, and you could be missing out on potential business simply because you haven’t established an internet presence. Now could be the time to change that! We invest considerable time in each website we develop. We don’t pump out hundreds of “cookie-cutter” web sites each year, we’d rather take the time to ensure you have the site you want and need, and have a strategy for the ongoing maintenance that every website needs.

We understand how difficult it can be for small businesses to get good IT help. You either pay a fortune or pay peanuts and get what you pay for…or end up spending all your time trying to do it yourself. We offer professional services and quality products at an affordable price. Above all, we care about usability and customer service. We won’t leave you floundering!