We will never disclose personal details to third parties under any circumstances. All details collected by Dolphin Data Systems when working with a client are used solely and exclusive for communication with, or providing services to, the owner of those details.

Dolphin Data Systems will not publish names of clients on its web site without first seeking permission of the client, and then, only in the context of displaying portions of the client’s work for purposes of depicting the quality or range of Dolphin Data System’s services.

Any raw materials (images, videos, articles, data) provided to Dolphin Data Systems for the purposes of developing web sites, will be securely archived on completion of the job or cancellation of an order. If you prefer, we can arrange for these items to be destroyed or returned to you (customers who cancel their order may be required to cover the costs of returning the materials).

We respect copyright. We won’t duplicate and distribute anything for which you own the copyright. Be aware, however, that anything you put on a website is available to the world, so choose your materials carefully.