Some people don’t need a complex website. All they need is something that will point the target audience (customers, clients or members) in the right direction. If this is you, you don’t need to spend thousands for a website that gives you features you don’t need.

When we talk about “Simple” sites, we are referring to the size of the project and the technology, not the design! We put as much effort into the design of a Simple site as we do an Advanced one.

Simple sites are built using traditional HTML. This means that your site can be developed and deployed quickly, and will run on practically any server. A Simple website is your best choice if you:

  • Need relatively few pages (say, ten or less).
  • Don’t need to change those pages very often (if ever).
  • Don’t require special features (forums, slide-shows, galleries, shopping carts).

Simple websites are cheaper than Advanced because we can usually get you set up very quickly. Bear in mind that if you don’t have the expertise to maintain the content yourself, there will be ongoing costs to maintain it. But if you don’t need to change your content very often, these additional costs can be kept to a minimum.

To get an idea of what a Simple website will cost, try out Instant Quote calculator, or request a formal quote.